Policing Insight

Project: Development of publishing website
SEctor: police and criminal justice
Client: CoPaCC Ltd
Project partner: White fire web design

CoPaCC is a small independent organisation set up to monitor police and crime commissioners (PCCs) and police governance in the absence of any official government appointed agency.
CoPaCC have a very basic WordPress.com company site used to provide information on CoPaCC and it’s activities.

They sell an annual premium subscription to monthly CoPaCC Policing Reports which combine a media monitoring service, analysis and commentary from experts plus an individual analysis of the activity of each PCC region. The subscription also includes bi-monthly CoPaCC Thematic Reports which audit PCCs on key areas of accountability including governance, statutory transparency and innovation.

The reports are all published in PDF format and emailed to subscribers
CoPaCC had encouraging success in selling the reports but had no resources to employ a salesperson and there was little awareness of the subscription service and thus a limited sales pipeline.

The brief

GetSet Media were commissioned to analyse the current business and develop a strategy to drive awareness of CoPaCC’s service and generate a pipeline of prospects for subscription sales.


• Consultation with the client to identify their goals and target market
• Market analysis including target audience and business competition
• Analysis of the current business proposition
• Strategy document with recommendations identifying two paths to achieving the goals depending on investment commitment

The strategy:

Phase 1: Develop a professional publishing website with a strong recognisable brand that will carry free, registered free and subscriber articles on CoPaCC’s area of interest in policing governance and management. The website would also allow subscribers to visit the site and download their reports. Registered users and subscribers would also receive a weekly newsletter with the latest articles.
The new website will generate traffic , registrations and a pipeline of subscription prospects.

Phase 2: Review the content of CoPaCC’s reports to identify new ways to deliver the report contents to subscribers via the new website in more useful searchable format.


The client gave the go ahead for Phase 1 of the strategy which was project managed by Get Set Media. A launch deadline of 1st May was set by the client to coincide with an optimal launch period during the General Election providing only 7 weeks to plan and develop the website.

A summary of the project work delivered by Get Set Media

  • A detailed website brief and specification written in consultation with the client and with an agreed budget
  • Thirty website developers researched and two short listed with good publishing experience; one medium sized and one small.
  • Quotes collated based on the brief and prices negotiated. White Fire Web Design identified as providing the best fit for the client and commissioned.
  • Project management and design of website and CMS using WordPress in liaison with the developer
  • Editorial plan and pipeline developed combining paid journalist commissions and free contributions from industry experts
  • Editorial and shared working systems set up
  • Article commissioning
  • Website and CMS testing
  • Ongoing content management and quality assurance
  • Marketing support
  • Training of CoPaCC staff in content management

Results of phase 1

  • Successful launch on 3rd May 2015 of www.policinginsight.com
  • Clean, responsive design and branding with co-branded Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Exceeded client expectations with over 6000 monthly unique visitors and 25,000 monthly page views and over 750 registered users achieved in June 2015

Phase 2 is now in progress with a new subscriber Media Monitor service launched – www.policinginsight.com/media-monitoring – providing up to the minute links to mainstream and specialist media for policing news, analysis, opinion and key reports. Researchers add meta data to the links to facilitate a powerful searchable data base for subscribers.
As well as upgrading the static media monitoring service provided in the subscriber reports, the functionality gives subscribers increased value and another reason to visit Policing Insight daily