GetSet Media’s marketing services are geared to raise awareness of your organisation, attract potential customers and promote the value of your product, service or brand.

Our B2B publishing experience is a particular strength that enables us to identify and attract a target audience to your website by producing and delivering interesting content via social media and other publishing and media channels in your sector.

This B2B publishing experience will also help you maximise the value of your outbound marketing and PR budget when dealing with publisher and media channels in your sector. We know what works whether it is display advertising, native advertising or content marketing.

As part of our strategic and project management services, we will help you identify a marketing strategy, then plan and manage any resulting projects including sourcing design, copy writing or technical support required to complement your in-house resources.

For publishers and media organisations we can provide specific expertise to drive registrations and paid subscriptions.

For business, public and third sector organisations, we apply the same techniques to attract prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Why use Getset Media?

We are not a marketing agency but we have many years experience in the B2B publishing sector, attracting highly targeted audiences and converting them into paying customers through engagement and content strategies.

As a result, we have direct experience in many marketing techniques but our main service is to aid your organisation in developing an overall strategy to attract visitors to your website, engage them and convert them into paying customers. Where required we then manage the resulting projects and source specialist services to complement our skills and your in-house resources.

Marketing Services

  • Market analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Management of marketing projects: planning, implementation and measurement
  • Sourcing and commissioning of design, content, production and specialist marketing and PR services
  • Publisher and media relations
  • Booking of advertising and distribution of content

Example Marketing Activities

  • Display advertising
    Our publishing and media experience means we know how to leverage the best value from relationships with publishers and media in your business sector both in print and online.
  • Native advertising
    We can advise on the production and placement of paid content with publishers and media channels in your sector to effectively engage your target audience.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content marketing
    We can help you plan and curate articles and other media for your website, placement in media channels in your sector and for sharing via social media
  • Direct marketing
    We advise how to build a viable prospect database and market effectively through targeted email, website interaction, events and marketing materials

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